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  1. Dodland.com is a Free Blog Website, can use it everyone.
  2. We don’t sell anything and we don’t buy anything.
  3.  All Games are Free.
  4. All the Free Games are placed with iframe this means that Dodland doesn’t construct games and doesn’t provide any service.
  5.  DodLand doesn’t create YouTube videos or other entertainment material.
  6.  DodLand doesn’t accept payments for any reason (its a blog).
  7.  In the Future, if you want to support this website you will have the chance to make a donation if you want it, if not you can use the website normally as always.
  8. Special Thanks Companies for the Free providing of the Games and the YouTube channels for the free providing of the Videos.
  9. The users can publish its articles Free in the website or their Free Games or YouTube videos.
  10. DodLand is Located in the USA.

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