Hot to get Thousands of Twitter Followers – Top Secrets

Hot to get Thousands of Twitter Followers – Top Secrets

Learn how to get thousands of Twitter Followers with some of the best ways in  Social Media. I manage the website and I will tell you a few Twitter secrets in this article, my real strategy.

1 Make follow a mix of people

The golden ratio is for every 100 people you must follow 10 – 20 famous and 80 simple people.  Don’t make follow only famous or only usual pages. You need a good mix of low – medium – high number of pages to grow every month your popularity.



2. Try to reach the magic number 5.000 -10.000 followers

You need at least 5k – 10k followers to survive on twitter. Try to reach this number, after 10k followers they will hunt your page to make it follow others while you watch a movie on tv. If you reach this number you get the 50% of the key success.

the gold number on twitter


3. A good Brand Name and a great logo

You need a good Brand Name to remember you easy. Usually, a good Brand is a  short name. You must see the competition on Twitter about how many others have a relevant name. For example, if you choose the name “shop” you will see making a search on Twitter thousands of results. This is bad, the competition is very high. If you choose a name like dodland the competition is lower.

brand name


4. Don’t make follow and unfollow more than 1000 pages per day

Try to keep the total follow and unfollow clicks down from 800, make this tip every one week, not every day. Twitter sends penalties if you violate its rules. If you want to play safe don’t overdo 800 pages.


5. Make publishes on your Twitter page

Make one publish every 2-3 hours,  don’t make publishes every 20 minutes, you will tire your funs and they will go out of your page.

make great publishes on twitter

I hope that I helped you about how to get thousands of Twitter Followers. But I can not tell you my top 3 secrets at this moment. 

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