Top 5 most Famous Youtubers in the world

top 5 most famous Youtubers in the world

Let’s see the list of Top Five most Famous Youtubers in the world. Youtube has millions of humans who enjoy uploading their video. Who of them loves the crowd?


Number 1: PewDiePie from Sweden

39 million subscribers

Every gamer who respect himself knows this crazy blond guy from Sweden. He is a real star on Youtube, dominated the most of social media uploading fun and gaming videos. He wins millions of views for every unique video and has a massive production of professional people who work for him to create every new video. PewDiePie is a Thrill over the last years wins millions of dollars.


Number 2: HolaSoyGerman From Germany

24 million subscribers


Number 3: Smoosh

21 million subscribers


Number 4: JennaMarbles

15 million subscribers

Number 5: elrubiusOMG

14 million subscribers

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