Top 5 Basketball Players in Greece

top 5 basketball players in Greece

The list of Top 5 Basketball Players in Greece, we rate the best of the best for you.


Number 1. – Nikos Galis – The Gangster

A God of Basketball,  he stole the heart of all humans in Greece. a  real Thrill, a phenomenon.  The top basketball player in Europe and one of the best worldwide. His name is inside the Hall of Fame List.


Number 2: – Giannis Antetokounmpo – The Greek Freak

One of the best players in Greece makes a great career in NBA. Everyone loves Giannis, the good guy kills his opponents with his shots. He is not just a player, it’s something more, a star!


Number 3: – Panagiotis Giannakis – The Dragon

One of the biggest names in Greece and Europe, Giannakis makes the difficult work, he is everywhere and scores from every point of the stadium.


Number 4: – Vassilis Spanoulis – Kill Bill

One of the most expensive and famous basketball players in Europe, he kills the opponent team shooting the last moment.


Number 5: – Dimitris Diamantidis – The diamond

The biggest Star in Panathinaikos and one of the biggest names in Europe.

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