The end of Facebook?

The end of Facebook

Before a few days, Facebook made an important announcement about its algorithm, it will decrease the free publishes of the business pages increasing the number of publishes of private users. Very bad news for the business Pages, will be this the end of Facebook?

All the owners of business pages buy followers to increase the popularity making publishes on their pages. If facebook stop to show publishes coming from business pages, why an owner of a business page to buy followers?


The biggest mistake of Facebook in history

Maybe it’s sensitive and wonderful to show happy humans, animals, children, images from the daily life but what will happen if the companies stop to buy followers from facebook? Why someone to buy followers if he publishes and facebook doesn’t display to followers his work? For example, a big company in Los Angeles bought 500.000 followers spending an amount of 300.000 dollars for advertising. Will this company waste its money based on the older algorithm of facebook? What will happen with million small companies witch trusted Facebook and spend thousands euro on promotion?


A real disaster for Business Pages has just started?

Facebook’s Explore Feed Experiment Is Already Crushing Cambodia’s Businesses

If entrepreneur In Vichet had launched his online shopping outlet “Little Fashion” this year, Facebook’s latest experiment–pushing content from companies and organizations into a separate Explore feed–would have killed his site.

Since it opened in 2010, Little Fashion has built a large local clientele and become one of the more successful forays into ecommerce in Cambodia, but in its early years, Little Fashion relied on Facebook posts that reached users’ main feeds.

“If this happened a few years ago, it would be a huge shock for us,” Vichet said. “And I know some sellers on Facebook will have big problems.” Read the article

Mark Zuckerberg lost 3,3 billion dollars in one day at Stock Market

Stock Facebook makes the same day -4,4% after the bad news, one of the worst days in the market for Facebook.

stock facebook makes limit down


Hundreds of negative comments on the profile of Zuckerberg

Let’s see a few comments about this really bad decision:

1.Jared Guynes We shall see how this implements overall.

I’ve directed more than $1,000,000 into FB since 2009.

We’ve spent years and thousands of dollars building brand pages, online communities and following for our clients.

We’ve already seen them reach less, and less and less of their audience.

It’s common to see a page with 100,000 likes have a reach of 1500-3,000. 3%? Come on.

And now, this will be further reduced?

People make FB possible, but the companies paying into the ad manager pay the bills for everything we see here.

Please do not even further restrict and constrain active, engaged and responsible businesses for just trying to reach the people who liked their page to see their content in the first place.

2. Dana Little-Braunberger As a small business owner, this news is devastating! It’s already been difficult to find clients with how things are presently set up… But cutting back businesses even more will mean not only will I not find new clients, I will lose interaction with the ones I already have. Not every small business can afford marketing when they start-up, and word-of-mouth is invaluable… But with everyone one facebook, word of mouth travels best through this platform. Please remember small business owners as you move forward!

3. Ahmed Ghanim Liar, liar….Facebook Ads on fire. Every change you make has only one single goal: push companies and pages to spend more money to reach less and less people.
FB has become an icon for greed.
So, save yourself the long post and just say the following: A new level of greed is heading ur way. Expect to pay more so I️ make more money..

4. Renee Flask Sad for small businesses that actually use this platform to build authentic relationships with people. What about paid advertising? How will you rationalize businesses paying for ads if they won’t be seen in the newsfeed. And if they are seen in the newsfeed…then isn’t that hypocritical of what you just stated? “As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

5. Owais Sultan So, basically MarkZuckerberg’s post today has eliminated all the small pages/publishers out of the Facebook you just need to rely on groups to get your business running.

In reality, this is criminal because people have spent millions upon millions of dollars to build their pages/brands now Facebook for them is like a money machine if you have the money you are in the game otherwise you are out!

6. Mike Reger With all your algorithmic tinkering of what content we see, you’re now throttling/suppressing business/brand pages? That affects the little folks like artists and other small businesses that became reliant on Facebook to reach their audience much more than the big corps that can afford to spend ad budgets on sponsored posts. If you must play nanny to what we can do in your playground, please reconsider how much Facebook users actually want news other content too. You’re going to lose a lot of market share if you force out all the entrepreneurs and creative folks that don’t just want to see their high school friends’ they haven’t talked to in 20 years kids and dog pics.

7. Stephen Ironside Oh cool. Can we get a refund on what we’ve spent on boosting posts in the last year then? 😞The reason many of us started paying for ads and boosting posts on FB was that our stuff wasn’t being seen. It seems that over time more money meant nothing, and the views kept going down no matter how much we spent. Seems like you’ve been phasing business pages out for a while.

And while I definitely agree that people should be spending less time on Facebook, I don’t agree about businesses not bringing people together, especially small local businesses. Big corporations? Obviously. But the little guys can be what hold communities together. This platform used to be invaluable to them. Now it looks like we have to move on.


Let’s see why Facebook cannot turn its back the business pages, why the reality is hard for the economic consequences of this decision? Will be this the end of Facebook?

1. Facebook needs the Business Pages

If the biggest CEO and Companies stop to buy followers that will be a big damage to Facebook witch need the business pages more than anything else.


2. The biggest Brands on the planet buy followers from the official Facebook

That is true if brands stop to trust the biggest social media it’s sure that they have other choices to advertise their Brands.


3. The competition with other companies is hard

If Facebook makes real its plans, then will be a great chance for competitor companies to grow up their clients. There is Google, Youtube, Twitter and some of the biggest companies in the world that will grab this chance. Thousands of disappointed clients of Facebook will find other ways to promote their business.


4. Big Clients don’t forgive mistakes

If a client goes out of a company it’s difficult to turn back. The trust is the most important thing in business relationships.


Let’s see an example of Likes on on the facebook page

Before the changes to the Facebook algorithm, there were many likes on the publishes.  After the last algorithm changes, there are not likes in the publishes, this means that Facebook doesn’t show publishes in the audience of the page. Suddenly we show an important increase every day on Twitter Followers at the same timing. In the future, we will see if this will be the end of Facebook, but it’s sure that this is bad news for the business pages.

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