SU-35 vs F-35

SU-35 vs F-35

A military comparison between SU-35 vs F-35 Jet aircraft. What is the best in a hypothetical war?

Max Speed: 

F-35: 1700 ms – 1,6 mach (When takes two bombs and two missiles)

SU-35: 2.000 ms – 1,9 mach (when takes 10 missiles and two jammers)


Radar Range:

Fleeing on afterburners means F-35 will leave a larger infra-red and radar signature. Sukhoi 35 can more easily track them. Turning to fight would make the American jet fighter low on energy, decreasing their maneuverability. F-35 carry only medium range AMRAAM. Not the best match for close combat which benefits from using short range missiles.

F-35: it’s more than 300 km than Su-35… see more in the videos!


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