Lion vs Human Best Videos Attacks Compilation on YouTube

Lion vs Human fighting attacks

Who wins in a Lion vs Human fighting? Let’s see the best attacks in some awesome top Videos from all over the world! Unbelievable moments.


1. A man full of blood

2. Lions attack the trainers in a Circus

3. One of the best complication videos ever by scholastic news


4. On Cars in the national Reserve Masai Mara


5. When Tiger and Lions attack humans

6. Grabs two Humans caught on Camera – Las Vegas


7. A Foolish man Jump into a lion’s zoo

8. In May of 2007 a lion attack in Shiraz – Iran on his trainer, after killed by weapons.

9.  Fighting human in his home


10. Hunting team of man in Africa Safari, they try to kill it!

11. Lion vs Maasai Safari Kenya

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