What is the Best gaming website ever

best gaming website ever

Gamers rate the best Gaming Website to play free online games. It’s new but its visitors love it! In the first position is dodland.com

 1. It’s constructed in WordPress, has a nice modern design with beautiful colors and graphics

The logo is fun with an amazing light blue color and orange, the fronts have a cartoon type. You can navigate very easy in every section you want, it’s easy to use kids and adults and you can find some of the most famous games in the world, includes quality games for mobile and PC.
a website with great design and graphics  top logo


2. It’s on the list of Ranker.com one of the biggest websites worldwide

Dodland.com is on the list of one of the biggest websites ranker.com  which ranks other websites making online gallops.  See the list of ranker.com

in the third position of rank

3. It’s Famous on Social Media

From the first months has reached 25.000 followers on Facebook, it’s viral. Uses two pages that you can  Follow dodland.com and one more facebook page. Also in a very small timing has reached 7.000 followers on Twitter. The numbers are constantly rising at the end of 2018 we estimate that it will have surpassed 60.000 followers on Facebook and more than 20.000 on twitter. The prediction will be a prove about why is the top gaming website with online games.

traffic sources


4. Has an excellent rating system

Yes, a prototype modern rating system for user players, you can rate your favorite game exactly with the rate that you want. It’s easy to work it, you just press the bar on the point you want and that’s all. You have the chance to see how many users rate the particular game, it’s easier to decide which one you will play.

website raring systemrate online the best game


5. You can Follow your favorite online games

Yes, dodland.com has an internal system which allows you to follow the games that you want to play again and again. You still think what is the best website with free online games? The surprises never stop on this awesome gaming website. Follow your games or make searching in the top right sidebar to find the best for you.

amazing searching system  prototype awesome follow


6. Great Categories Menus and Sub Menus

In the most cases, websites with free online games have a simple menu. Dodland.com makes the difference for one more time. You can see a big variety of main menus and a bigger with submenu categories. It’s an excellent way to show your game categories easy and analytic. For example in the sports menu, you can see analytic the subcategories, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf and others. These differences make dodland to be the best gaming website ever with free games.

mega menu  big variety of submenus


7. You can play PC games by choosing these easy

dodland.com has an especially menu bar for free PC games, yes that’s great news! Why search what game is for PC and what is for Mobile devices? Now everything is simple and easy!

8. You can read interesting articles and see fantastic Youtube videos

Yes, for one more time an additional surprise for the visitors of dodland.com. See what is the fastest cars in the world, or how to make a super fitness body. There a lot of interesting articles about the cars, the women, the men’s care. You can listen to top music hits or see the biggest swimming pool in the world. Only the best videos in the world.

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