The History of Santa Claus

A documentary of one of the most loved humans in the world, Santa Claus! The father of Christmas! Who was the fat old man who gave gifts to the children? Watch the video online! 

New Antarctica Anomalies Documentary

Suddenly something strange started to happen in Antarctica! What is under the ice? Watch an Antarctica documentary exploring one of the coldest places in the world. 

Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

Who build the pyramids of Pharaoh? The white pyramid of Giza. The ancient Egyptians had medical knowledge. They had the female Pharaoh.  Sunken cities and other mysterious secrets from Ancient Egypt. 

Hidden Secrets in Paintings

You will not believe what secrets are hidden in famous paintings. Watch the list with the top and most enigmatical paints ever! You never noticed before!

Queen Sheba Documentary

One of the most enigmatic females in human’s history. Who was Queen of Sheba? A mysterious female or something more? What is the truth behind the stories? 

Bizzare Life of Egyptians

How was the daily life of Egyptians and what things did or not? No flies on them, no hair don’t care, feeling funeral, cats, phat pharao and other strange things! Watch the video online. 

The Vatican Documentary

What is hidden Behind the closed doors of The Vatican? Watch one documentary video about one of the most mysterious secret places. Millions of people visited it every year! What does it mean for Catholics? 

Lucifer Documentary

A video about the story of Lucifer. Who was? The beast, satin, the prince of darkness and other names. How did he fall from paradise and became the devil? George Bush had said that evil is real! 

Anunnaki Documentary

Who were Anunnaki and his mysterious artifacts? Unexplained and strange theories in one amazing documentary. The biggest discovery cuneiform tablets of Nineveh! Watch the video online!

Mexican Black Tar Heroin Documentary

The Rise of Mexican Black Tar Heroin is a documentary video about drug cartels in Mexico. What makes police and military forces to fight against the worst drug dealers. How much money spent to stop drug dealers? 

Oil and Drug Cartels Documentary

The Mexico Government tries to stop the oil stealing but what can do when many people do it? One war between military and police forces against criminals and drug dealers. Watch a documentary video from vice. 

Baphomet Documentary

The satanic temple built in Arkansas but in a few days destroyed by a protester! Who is Baphomet? Watch a documentary video about the god of darkness. The sculpture which caused many negative reactions in the city. 

Tutankhamun Documentary

Three thousands of years ago were born Tutankhamun. He became king in the age of eight years old. Wan one of the smallest kings in history. He promised to be a glorious leader. What was the story of Tutankhamun? A documentary video for the life of the big king! 

Who Killed Jesus Documentary

The Hidden Secrets of the cross. A biblical documentary video about the man who killed Jesus. The place who arrested, the torture, and the last act, the death of an innocent leader. 

Strange Egypt Documentary

What are the hidden secrets of Egypt? Watch a documentary video about pharaohs and Egypt empire. Who construct the pyramids, the civilization and other answers that you need to know with evidence and real documents.

Jesus Christ Documentary

Who was the real Jesus Christ? Watch a biblical timeline documentary for the life of one of the biggest religious leaders in the world. His biography and more in one amazing video. 

Colonel Gaddafi Documentary

One of the biggest dictators in the world Muammar Gaddafi. What happened with Colonel? The revolution had just begun and after that the total war. Watch a documentary video about one of his sons. 

The Exodus Decoded Documentary

A Biblical Documentary for Israelites and Pharaohs. After many years of research and a lot of evidence scientists and archeologists could be able to reach a safe conclusion. The video refers to real events, the splitting of the sea, miracles and plaques and others. 

Sorcerers and Wizards Documentary

A documentary video for humans who had supernatural powers! Sorcerers and wizards could transform a man to an animal. Harry Potter inspired thousands of children to learn about secret spells and mysteries. An amazing story about real magic. 

Justin Bieber Documentary

Do you know Justin Bieber is from Canada? The number one male singer in the world at this moment. Why is violence sometimes? His Troubles with justice. The most serious events and moments in his life in one amazing documentary video! 

Devils Bible

Is really the devil’s bible? The most mysterious evil script in human history. Supernatural spells and powers are hidden inside the book of the demons! Shocking evidence found after a serious investigation. No one knows who created this. What is the reality? Watch the documentary video online. 

Nephilim Documentary

Gods of darkness or something more? What is Nephilim? Will they return back to earth? The most mysterious group on the planet, the watchers! Did they have supernatural elements? The Giants! All the answers you need to know in a documentary video! 

Witchcraft Documentary

What powerful creations control the universe? What are the Witchcraft gods? Males and females! What predicts and prophecies made? Watch a documentary video about the magic in the ancient season until now! 

Gypsy’s Documentary

What happened when strange things started in Gypsy’s life? Watch a psychological documentary video about a girl who won the fear with her strong spirit. A true story with real events! Watch the film! 

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