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2J Play Live Fortnite Game on YouTube

Enjoy the Fortnite live streaming with 2J. An adventure game with millions online players from all over the world! 

Biggest Soccer Ball ever made by Human

Where is the biggest Soccer Ball in the World? Watch the giant Adidas Jumbo and other fun videos with the largest of all time! Soccer Ball with Helium – What happens? Kids play with the a huge foot ball!

Biggest Ball ever made

Where are the biggest balls in the world made by human’s heads? Watch fun videos on YouTube with all the types of the largest. Real huge size! World’s Biggest Bounce Ball Hugest beach ball you’ve ever seen Biggest soccer ball – Real!

Biggest Doll on the earth

Videos with the Biggest Doll in the World ever made Highlights from Sea Odyssey Kids play with a Giant marionette! Theater largest dolls ever made the human’s heads

The Best Videos of Phone Jokes

Phone Jokes Pranks top on YouTube! A list with top videos ever made for fun! Laughing for many hours!

Duct Tape Pranks Videos YouTube Best of

If you think that you have see the craziest pranks on YouTube then you have not see yet the duct tape prank! The challenge is to stay the girlfriend on the wall for one day! What happens? Watch the fun video now!  While she is sleeping The ultimate prank with duct tape using a human guy!

Kids vs Teenagers with their Mother in Life

Watch a fun video about what makes a kid in his daily life. With money, cars, getting a pet, asking for permission and more. Enjoy the funny movie kids vs Teenagers! 

Real vs Fake Friends in Life

Everyone we have buddies to enjoy in our free time! But are you sure that in a difficult time in your life your friends will be there for you? Watch the video real vs Fake friends! 

Things you should not make to your friends

If you are a bad guy you will never have friends! That’s a rule! But what things you should not do to your friends? In this fun video, you will see what you have to avoid to make to keep them yours in your life forever! 

Husband vs Wife Fun Moments

The most fun pranks ever on YouTube! Watch amazing Husband vs Wife videos! Epic moments with the scariest Couple Pranks Compilation in Love! 

When a relationship broke

Emma and her boy in Troubles! What happens in reality when brokes a relationship? A video with personal moments from a modern loved couple with passion! 

Krazyrayray Best Videos ever

Watch top movies from Krazyrayray videos on YouTube! One of the best channels ever!  Back to school in the morning! Who goes again? The worst challenge! Guys vs Girls Online School Vs. Public TRUTH OR DARE

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