Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years Ago Video

Who lived on earth 100.000 years ago

Giants are found in the myths and legends of many cultures their parents really differ much from an ordinary human. Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years ago?

For example these cyclops in the Odyssey written by homer besides being a giant ones

[UM] human looking except for that one big guy in the

and you have is for the bible mentions in passing define origin arranges giants and in scant maybe image and join us i’m actually to

from the gods’ quote at that time there were giants on the earth since the sun’s of god began to enter the daughters of men and began to give birth to them they are strong ancient glorious people and quote

why did people on different continents and in such discrete civilizations have such similar stories about giant is it possible that these are

and then some memories of certain ancient civilizations medieval danish is

[a COUGH] area and wonderfully named facts of grammatical assumed that these giants really existed else how to explain the giant-sized buildings and structures of

antiquity many written sources of those years to speak of such that

and for example in the old English home and see fairytale is told from

the stone balls supposedly built like a giant

there’s also mention of giant beings any number of historical documents it is rights of these Spartans acquire

in the bones of the warrior arrest us to help with a military campaign

the skeleton is noted to have had a height of seven cubes but that’s eleven and have peter a three and a

off meters in modern terms the ancient Greeks scholar Hassani has described

one of a man of about eighteen feet or five and a half meter

first of all, was found the body the river goes with this lady Saruman his story and transcribed it estimates of eyewitnesses who saw

with giant themselves, these observers reported that

you giants faces were different from ordinary human faces and that the in towering creatures possessed and during voices

in the era of early Christianity, priests believe that atoms it was thirteen feet about four meters and that he was just a bit shorter at about ten feet two or three meters records of these writing

you are available in the archives of the American a number of thirteen would tell scales

~~~~~~~ that’s four meters for your metric aficionados were excavated indeed caucuses mountains during the twentieth century

the age of these giant skeleton states from somewhere between tens and hundreds of thousands of

was a girl the presence of such a large number of skeletal remains allowed scientists

that the giant moved here in search of cells

and after some global catastrophe here they found there finals center and dressed in place

in one very old book entitled history and to quit he now stored at the Oxford University and library there is a

count of the discovery in the middle ages of the giant scale

in Cumberland quote that rain does

buried in the ground at his death for yards

this is in full military guard is so

in battle laxer resting next to him the length of this Kellett he is

four and a half yards and the teeth of the big manner measured and six and a half

inches long and to broadened quote

adding to the evidence verifying the existence of giants or numerous gigantic fossilized footprints for example

and in front of in human foot a teeth centimeters or two and a half feet and it has been an earth in Tenzin

now similar footprints of a slightly smaller sized about fifty centimeters or the gone and a half beat

we found in the end about a desert left approximately two hundred and  years

so a series of handprints was formed next to traces dinosaurs

in a village in Turkmenistan, the height of the giant the left them is estimated that about

the meters almost sixteen may a half feet and

[UM] one hundred and fifty million years ago a human to

with five times larger them and ordinary men’s to was found in hong kong in a thousand nine and he five a sixties centimeter

two foot humans skull with two roses of a teen was fine but who lived on earth 100.000 years ago?

I ask an in one thousand I hundred and fifty and they fifty foot long petrified human skeleton that’s fifteen meters folks were found in my

here in a thousand nine heard a nine be a sure plethora of evidence allows us to state unequivocally a giant did indeed once

exist but whether they were a single people who settled all over the earth are belong to different

phrases this is a question which scientists have yet to unambiguously answer but if giant really is

it and not only in myth and legion than it stands to reason that other traces.

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