Insects Millions Years Ago

Ancient Insects

How were the insects before a few million years on the earth? A documentary video about the hidden secrets of our planet!

Our planet is home to billions of living to be from microscopic one

well organisms to huge mammals all of them are biological

well you have that make up the earth living shell the by

here in total the animal kingdom is made up of about one and a half million species and you might find

the surprising but sixty five percent of all animals reasons on the planet are insects so what comes to mind when you hear the word and insect

something small and insignificant perhaps something that makes as a certain inconvenient but not so

he is as to provide a reason for worry unless that is of course you’re a farmer in the swim of locust threaten to devastate your crop

before and ordinary person living in Europe or in North America when we hear

to think of the word insect this likely conjures

so they mental image of a mosquito a fly as a wider or a Cochrane

these representatives of two class

scar ubiquitous in the temperate climb its own but if you happened

somewhere in the tropics in all likelihood you don’t think them such harmless in consequence

you a little creatures under tropical built

conditions insects come in troy

a large and dangerous varieties for example the tight model living in the rainforests of grew ecuador and columbia can go

so to seven inches are almost eighteenth centimeters and link and well visiting and exotic

well in the caribbean you may encountered the school pen drafted

you i game to this ominous name as you might have guessed was given for a reason

this species gives one kid

join into among representatives of its class with a body consisting of more than twenty segments and a link reaching up to an incredible twelve inches that’s over thirty centimeters

in humans the white of a school Pentre causes local swelling

and they can lost a day and night through but even these incredibly large insects are no [SMACK]

much or they have to think ancestors which in how did the earth millions and billions of years ago

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the problem co reading to take advantage [UM] boat a load of crystals level you can’t write from the sun

the humankind has been ever curious about what transpired people our time before the rise of humans on earth we strive to an ramble the mysteries behind the

urgent our species are climate and the universe and large

various this research and explanations have provided scientists with only a fragmentary picture of what transpired

a certain point in the past obviously many questions we make but thanks to these tireless researchers we now have more information that

ever about the events that took place

hundreds of millions of years before historically shipping very recently emerging of a seconds

we all have some ideas about dinosaurs pictures them is

useful reptiles but dinosaurs were known the inhabitants of the planet during that period two hundred

eighty million years ago and later a large number of insect ~~~~~~~ he’s coal existed with the great lizards and

are equally in successful and i do not use the word equally here lightly

be ontological deals across the globe have provided scientists with numerous insect

pacifying is most of them aren’t that significant but the

imposing signs of some of these specimens would challenge the vision of even the

great is horror writers for example a giant falih discovered during

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