Zeus vs Cronus Mythology

Best Videos of Zeus vs Cronus from Greek Mythology. Watch on YouTube the Battle of Titans! The real Story. 

The Cyclops in the Odyssey Documentary Video

What are Cyclops in Greek Mythology? Watch amazing educational videos about all the truth for the giant monsters with one eye! How Does actually See?

Insects Millions Years Ago

How were the insects before a few million years on the earth? A documentary video about the hidden secrets of our planet! Our planet is home to billions of living to be from microscopic one well organisms to huge mammals all of them are biological well you have that make up the earth living shell the by here in total the animal kingdom is made up of about one and a half million species and you mig...[Read More]

Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years Ago Video

Giants are found in the myths and legends of many cultures their parents really differ much from an ordinary human. Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years ago?  For example these cyclops in the Odyssey written by homer besides being a giant ones [UM] human looking except for that one big guy in the and you have is for the bible mentions in passing define origin arranges giants and in scant maybe image ...[Read More]

Videos Ancient Technology Documentary

Best History Documentary about advanced ancient technology. Amazing Discoveries that will blow your mind! Pyramids, Sumerians, 10 OLDEST Technologies Scientists Can’t Explain.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the Legend

Who is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk? The Great Leader! A Legend for Turkey! The man who built an Empire! Defender of Gallipoli – WHO DID WHAT IN WORLD WAR 1 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Documentary if Never Existed? Death of Kemal Ataturk in 1938 – How he die? Only The Gods Can Defeat The Greeks – Turkish Thug Life Ataturk and the Greek Occupation The house of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was Born in...[Read More]

Turkey a Reborn Empire or a Giant with broken Legs?

How Turkey’s president gained so much power? IsTurkey Economy a miracle or a slow disaster that comes? What is the truth? TURKEY: One of The Fastest Growing Economies in The World ALERT! Turkey’s Economy is Entering a ‘Slow Burning Crisis   Turkish lira hits a new record low against US dollar – economy Many Turks believe Erdogan will bring new Ottoman Empire | DW English What have...[Read More]

What if the Arabian Empire Reunited today All the Maps

The world today if the Arabian Empire Reunited and how will be the map! What If The Arabian Nations United in one country?

Rise & Fall of the Mongol Empire – Documentary

Top documentary videos with The Rise & Fall of the Mongol Empire how did the Mongols gain so much power? BBC Mongol Empire Collapse and death The rise of Genghis Khan a Great destroyer – Chinese Dynasties What if the Mongol Empire Reunited Today? Why were the Mongols so effective? | World History | Khan Academy Mongol invasion of Europe: Battle of Mohi – Reply History The Rise and ...[Read More]

The Battle of Salamis Documentary the Real History

An awesome video about the Battle of Salamis. What is the reality and what happens in 480 BC? The Persian Invasion of Greece Athens vs Persia – Ancient History Greco-Persian Wars The Battle of Salamis Naval Battles That Changed History Greeks v. Persians Battle of Salamis saved classical Greece Engineering an Empire Greece Salamis Mythology in Immortal Conquest The Ancient Greeks. Themistocl...[Read More]

Similarities Between Greek and Persian Civilization & Language

Watch some amazing videos about the Similarities Between Greek and Persian Language and Civilizations Compares and contrasts Greek civilization and the Persian Empire

The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

Why one of the largest Empires in History meet its demise? The Rise and Fall Of The Ottoman Empire and the Birth of Balcans. From the turn of the nineteenth century to its end in 1923 – Documentary Ottoman Empire realm from North Africa to Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula. Author Eugene Rogan on why the Ottoman Empire failed – video The demise of a major power DW Documentary

What if Kemal Ataturk Never Existed?

How would be Europe if Kemal Ataturk Never Existed? What changes in all the world? All the answers in some incredible history videos! What if the Turks won at Vienna? What if Islam Never Existed? What if Islam Had Conquered Europe?

What if Alexander the Great’s Empire never Fell?

How would the world be if Alexander the Great’s Empire never Fell? What changes on the world maps and in all history of the world. All the answers in some incredible videos! What if the Macedonian Empire never fell? f Alexander the Great had lived and survived? What if Alexander the Great didn’t die at 323 B.C?

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