Great Sphinx of Giza Documentary

A great pyramid, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human! The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the oldest sculptures in Egypt! It was built by ancient Egyptians, what secrets hide? Watch an amazing documentary video! 

Ancient Egypt Discoveries Documentary

One of the oldest civilizations in the world! What Discoveries found the scientists when searching the ground! What secrets hides Ancient Egypt? No other nation has so many mysteries! Watch an amazing documentary with real evidence! 

Ancient Artifacts – Documentary

Watch some of the most impressive discoveries in human history! What Ancient Artifacts found the excavators when explored the earth? An amazing documentary video! 

Nigeria Documentary

Watch an amazing documentary for the country of sex slavery and black magic. Why Nigerian women work as prostitutes! How survive and what dreams make the black girls? 

The Hidden Glory of Petra Documentary

A spectacular city in the Jordanian desert and hidden from fifteen hundred years ago. Who build these remarkable structures? In search of history watch an amazing documentary about the Hidden Glory of Petra! 

Immortal Egypt Documentary

Ancient Egypt is instantly recognizable! The road to pyramids is an amazing documentary! Discover the Great Pyramid of Giza over one hundred meters from bottom to top! Explore the story of one great civilization! 

Quest For The Lost City Documentary

The city which was a spectacular place! The greatest capital of the Maya. Where is the lost city? In the jungle beyond the temple of Tzikar! Watch an amazing timeline documentary! 

Angkor Wat Documentary

Who built these vast sophisticated temples? Why construct them deep in the jungle only to abandon them? What is the Angkor Wat? A fantastic citadel with resourceful inhabitants. A vast city in the size of London! 

Egypt’s Lost Queens Documentary

The story of extraordinary women who left behind an amazing legacy! Ancient Egypt was a society which women had more power than any other place. A great civilization! Watch a documentary for Egypt’s Lost Queens! 

Who are the Palestinians Documentary

What is the historical truth? What is the relationship with Philistines? Who are the Palestinians and where do they live? Watch an amazing documentary video! 

Mary Magdalene Documentary

One of the most important women in the bible. Without her Christianity might not exist. She is definitely the mystery women! What secrets had she hidden? Watch a documentary video about the life of Mary Magdalene! 

Who was Rasputin Documentary

The devil man with the eyes was able to look at the center of your soul. He was born in Siberia!  Who was Rasputin? Watch a documentary video about the most mysterious human with the strongest superpowers in history. 

Who is Karl Marx Documentary

He was the first economist who described the basic logic mechanism. He had the most important role in China’s society. A liberal, a philosopher! Watch a documentary video about who was Karl Marx? 

The Secrets Of The Incas Documentary

One of the most ancient Civilizations in the world! The empire of Incas! What secrets hide? What happened when the Spanish arrived in the land? Watch a documentary video!  

Uzbekistan Documentary

The young state with thirty million people. Watch an amazing documentary about Uzbekistan. Traveling the silk road! How is the traditional life of civilians? 

Armenia Documentary

Where is the land of Noah? Watch an amazing documentary about Armenia an industrious and modern nation! Discover one of the most fascinating and legendary enclaves of Europe! 

Life after Dinosaurs Documentary

Some of the Scariest creations of all sizes and shapes had dominated the blue planet before sixty-five million years ago. But what happened and disappeared? And what kind of life survives after Dinosaurs? Watch a documentary video! 

Biggest Dinosaurs ever lived

The list with the largest Dinosaurs on the earth! Top 10 – Giganotosaurus – Pliosaur – Spinosaurus – Diplocodus – Brachiosaurus – T Rex and others! Watch an amazing history video! 

Dinosaurs Documentary

Monsters from the past! Live million years ago! What are the secrets of Dinosaurs? The biggest challenge for scientists is to explore some of the most terrifying creatures that ever lived on earth! Watch a documentary video online! 

Suleiman the Magnificent Documentary

Turkey, Istanbul was the greatest center of the Islamic Empire. In a magnificent palace, there was one of the most impressive harems with hundred slaves. Suleiman was one of the biggest leaders in human’s history. 

Zeus vs Cronus Mythology

Best Videos of Zeus vs Cronus from Greek Mythology. Watch on YouTube the Battle of Titans! The real Story. 

The Cyclops in the Odyssey Documentary Video

What are Cyclops in Greek Mythology? Watch amazing educational videos about all the truth for the giant monsters with one eye! How Does actually See?

Insects Millions Years Ago

How were the insects before a few million years on the earth? A documentary video about the hidden secrets of our planet! Our planet is home to billions of living to be from microscopic one well organisms to huge mammals all of them are biological well you have that make up the earth living shell the by here in total the animal kingdom is made up of about one and a half million species and you mig...[Read More]

Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years Ago Video

Giants are found in the myths and legends of many cultures their parents really differ much from an ordinary human. Who Lived on Earth 100.000 Years ago?  For example these cyclops in the Odyssey written by homer besides being a giant ones [UM] human looking except for that one big guy in the and you have is for the bible mentions in passing define origin arranges giants and in scant maybe image ...[Read More]

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