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Explode a Frozen Candy on a wall of colored candies, the goal is to match 3 or more items. It’s a Christmas game, the troll of Santa Claus is the hero. A snowing day an old man who looks like Santa Claus has just wake up from his bed. He dreaming of a child age to be a day the hero of the fairytales witch reading his mother. He dreams to send gifts to kids. Unfortunately, he looks like a troll but he cares only to make his dream real.

He takes all the frozen candies to send these to the kids. He explodes all the candies with a massive cannon. The children will be happy only if their gifts get to the destination on time. Can an old man make his dream true and give from a frozen candy to all kids in the village? Break the wall of candies by connecting these. Play free Christmas games online at

Frozen Candy
Frozen Candy

Connect the candies exploding one frozen candy on these

Santa Trol  connect candies

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