Coconut Crab Best Videos ever

Watch Keny the Coconut Crab one of the largest living arthropods in the world! Can you eat a Coconut Crab? Yes in Japan have delicious seafood – Okinawa Catch Clean Cook Coconut Crab Giant Coconut Crab Feast The largest land crab in the world

Salsiccia from Italy Do it alone

How to make Italian Salsiccia alone? Watch the video on YouTube while you enjoy! Amazing Sausages in London’s street. 

How to make the Best Italy Porchetta

Watch the video on YouTube about how to make Italian Porchetta alone! The traditional way is always the best! A Delicious meal! Do it now! 

Whiskey Coffee Burger

How to make Whiskey Coffee Burger in your home? If you have a garden don’t lose a moment! Watch the video and start to grill your favorite meat at this moment! Good Luck! 

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