Most Powerful Shotguns

Watch amazing YouTube Videos with the most Powerful Shotguns in the world! Of all time! Top weapons, cynergy, SRM Arms, KEL-TEC KSG and other famous! 

Best Harrier Videos ever made!

Watch those amazing aircraft! Flying in the sky and landing in one unique way!Top harrier videos on YouTube! Yuma Air Show

Best Bombers Aircrafts on the planet

The List with the Top Bombers planes in the World! The most important strategic weapons for the hardest attack missions! Tupolev Tu-22-M, B1B Lancer, watch the video!

Is Ready Russia for a World War 3?

Russia preparing for World War 3 many years ago. Watch the video that proves it! Army constructed underground nuclear proof bunkers. 

What can Make the Russian Army in a Battle with every Enemy

The military capability of Russian Forces! The video shows the power of the giant sleeping bear! Missile troops, special operation and ground forces, navy, aerospace! 

Hypersonic Missile 2019

The New Hypersonic missiles are faster than every other weapon in the world! Travelling with a speed between mach 5 – 15. How deadly & destroyable are the new Russian weapons? Watch an amazing video with the 6th generation ICBM’s – Hypersonic & Nuclear Powered Cruise Missiles. America’s Hypersonic Missile

Why Sixth-Generation Jet Fighters are the Best 2019

2019 The best aircraft in the world! Sixth Generation Jet Fighters will change the map of strategy! A real revolution makes the difference in a future war. All the new in one amazing video – The Future air-power US 6th Generation Fighters Jets Are Already Taking Shape Armed With Laser watch a 3d Combat Simulation Forget the F-35: U.S Military

Anti Drones Guns How to take it Down!

Best Anti Drone Guns and Inventions to take Down illegal Drones from the sky! Long-range anti-drone gun Homemade drone catcher 4 WAYS TO TAKE DOWN ILLEGAL DRONES Anti Drone Rifle with Signal Jamming Technology New Anti Drone Guns for Taking Down Flying Drones Demonstration Hikvision Anti-Drone Gun UAV Jammer in Amsterdam Arena, The Netherlands How to Shoot Down a Drone | WIRED Anti-drone gun: Kala...[Read More]

Russian Spetsnaz Training Videos 2019

Watch amazing videos with the Russian Spetsnaz training! Why are so strong? The best of 2019! its strength in Syria A real document from Russian Special Forces on the road Any Time on Any Place Battle for Beret

2019 The Real Power of Russian Army

Why is the Russian Army so strong? Watch amazing 2019 videos with the real power of the sleeping Giant! Russian air-force Navy

Mini Cannon Shooting experiment

A Test video, shoot a real mini cannon orb while we get fire on the wick! The smallest cannon in the world! Will be successfully our experiment? The most Powerful ever – 9mm Caliber World’s Smallest Cannons vs iPhone SE

Strongest Bullets on the earth

Videos with the Strongest Bullets in the World! The most insane ever made human’s head! All the Types! The hardest material – How strong is Titanium? Test!  Shoot one of the most expensive bullets Sniper Rifles – POWERFUL and Dangerous

Top Most Powerful Super Weapons ever made

Videos with the Most Powerful Super Weapons in the World! Epic & Fictional! Top secrets of US and Russian army! Dangerous Pistols of all time 10 World’s Most Powerful Guns 2018 Video

Videos Worst Army Fails Compilation

2018 Watch amazing videos with the worst and Fun Army Fails! The best compilation ever made! Funniest military incidents Try Not To Laugh!

The Worst incidents Tanks in the World

Videos with the Worst Tanks incidents ever made in Human history! A Fails compilation from Russia and US! Ultimate Disaster Challenge – Don’t try it! With Heavy Equipment 2 The Mega Crash Tanks Compilation

The Largest Tanks in the World Documentary

Videos on YouTube with the biggest Tanks ever built. Top 5 ever conceived by humans! German Mega Tanks –  2018. The Biggest ever Designed TOP 10 Best Tanks In The World 2017 – Advanced Technology Strangest Military Tanks Ever made

Top 10 Powerful Warships in the World

Are Massive, Beasts, have weapons like a real city! It’s the top powerful Warships in the World! Watch amazing videos on YouTube 2018! Best Destroyers on the water The Biggest Navy in the World 2017 The Russian Nuclear Exterminator ”Peter The Great” USS Zumwalt- Stealth Technology

Greece vs Turkey Real War What will Happen?

Watch amazing videos about what will Happen in a Real condition Greek vs Turkey war? The road to Constantinople – Attack Scenario Greece vs Turkey – The Latest Military Power Comparison 2018 Greece will Help Cyprus in a future war Greek against Turkish Special Forces How Powerful Is Greece? The reality GREEK ARMY READY FOR TURKEY invasion The Lost Empire – Lands goes again back t...[Read More]

MIG-31 Best Videos on YouTube

Watch Top YouTube Videos of MIG-31 The fastest Interceptor ever made! Fly near to space atmosphere. What’s the role in the Russia Defense? From MIG 25 to the new generation Fighter Jet MIG 31 Full Documentary Preparing the aircraft for Takeoff The secret weapon of MIG-31 IS THE WORST NIGHTMARE FOR US defense

The First Catamaran Aircraft Carrier built

The First Catamaran Aircraft Carrier built in Russia, one of the biggest defense deals in humans history! One thousand feet long is a real miracle of the mechanics. Don’t make the mistake to attack on this powerful ship! The New Aircraft Carriers Are Under Construction UK, India, Japan, US, China, Italy All in one amazing video Top 10 Most Powerful NAVY In The World 2018

Largest Submarines in the World

Watch amazing YouTube Videos with the biggest Submarines in the world ever constructed! Top Ten List! The world’s biggest submarines 2018 In The USA Navy The Deadliest Submarine in the USSR Ever Built

Biggest Aircraft Carrier in The World YouTube

Watch amazing videos with the Largest Aircraft Carriers in the World. Documentaries from the most famous channels. Top 5 List with the Biggest How constructed? Gerald Ford 2016 CVN 78 – US Navy National Geographic – Hi-Tech

The most Powerful Nuclear Bomb of Russia

The 5th generation Nuclear Bomb is the strongest that humanity saw! Russia Army has the most powerful weapon on the planet! Putin can destroy one nation with only one button! List of Humans who can destroy the world Top Superweapons for the future

The Best of Military Drones Documentary

Top videos of defense flying machines on YouTube! Military drones in action! That Killing UAV are everywhere in the sky, useful for the most dangerous secret missions.  Watch the best videos ever! The technology of the Future destroys every target! UAV Spies National Geographic 2017

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