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Play free Cursed Treasure 2 Game online for PC, once upon a time in a darkness Kingdom far away there lived a Dark Overlord. He valued his precious gems, but greedy humans wished to take them from his caves. Protect your gems from good heroes, build towers on the tiles of the corresponding colors. Get gold by destroying enemies and picking up coins clicking on them. You will win if at least one gem is saved.

The undead crypt uses corpses as batteries, it accumulates up to three charges and launches them to the future corpses. Temples burn enemies to bones with fire ray. Den hiding the walls, the glorious orcs hitting humans with arrows. If you like Cursed Treasure 2 Game, play free treasures games online at

Cursed Treasure 2
cursed treasure 2 game

Place your towers defense and conquer the Dark Kingdom

treasures games  strategy map of towers

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