KungFu Girls – Video

Top KungFu Girls Motivation Video Best Female Martial Arts video, you think that only men know KungFu? If yes you certainly make mistake! Women are some of the best street fighters! 

Europe vs Russia Military Power Comparison – Top Video

What will happens between a war of Europe vs Russia? Who will win? Who is the strongest? Is Europe ready for a war with a military giant as Russia? Let’s see all the scenarios in a hypothetical war and the power comparison. Enjoy the video! 

Hot to get Thousands of Twitter Followers – Top Secrets

Learn how to get thousands of Twitter Followers with some of the best ways in  Social Media. I manage the website dodland.com and I will tell you a few Twitter secrets in this article, my real strategy. 1 Make follow a mix of people The golden ratio is for every 100 people you must follow 10 – 20 famous and 80 simple people.  Don’t make follow only famous or only usual pages. You need ...[Read More]

How to Build Super Sexy Big Booty body

How to make a Super Sexy Big Booty body 

Female Bodybuilding

Exercises for female Bodybuilders, make a super fitness body in a few days. 

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