Arcuz Behind the Dark


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A long time ago the land of Sakara was rich and flourishing. People there were happy and peacefully but everything changed when the Devil of abyss Sgiba come out from the underground and brought horror. Now Arcuz is behind the Dark.

Then strange things begin to happen, animals surrounding Arkuz Village and attack humans. The most of the villagers left it but some of them are still there and suffer. They wait for a survivor, a real hero who will save them. You the hero an adventurer fight the evil King of the darkness, his skeletons and some of the scariest beasts. Go to the shop and buy swords, axes, armor boots, shields, rings and many other powerful items which helps you in the battle. Play in arena mode, challenge the other players and beat their high scores, kill as many monsters as you can to get a higher score.

Arcuz Behind the Dark
arcuz game

Save the villagers from the monsters and the Evil King of Darkness


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