Balcony Diving


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Jump as high as you can from a balcony. Make sky jumping by diving in a swimming pool. Balcony diving game is fun and addictive. You must be landing in the right point of the piscine. If you hit the colored ball, the life vest, a sea mattress and other items, then you win extra points. If you land on the crocodile, you lose your life permanently.

In every new round, your diver has to jump from a higher balcony. Reach the best score by collecting points and extra points.  Pay attention, the crocodile is always hungry! Avoid his mouth or hit him on the body. Balcony diving is an addictive game for PC and Mobile devices.

Balcony Diving
balcony diving

Make sky diving by jumping from a balcony

sky diving  jump from a balcony

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